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Controller Lust: Hori builds something hideous; excellent

Posted by nfinit on October 31, 2009

Again with the freakin’ controllers!  Only this time, it’s something that’s actually useful:

The best thing about the Play Asia watermark is that it looks like it's molesting every product in the catalog, which is accurate to both Japanese and gaming cultures.

From what I can recall, this is the first attempt someone’s made at putting six face buttons on the front of a modern dual-analog stick since the first Xbox controller, and looking at Hori’s attempt you can see why– It’s quite frankly ugly and Hori’s continued insane devotion toward superfluous switches and turbo buttons isn’t helping matters.  They’re really best for enthusiast use, as attempts to make a mass market dual-analog with six buttons results in, well…

Coming soon a Bad Controllers update near you!

Which was not sexy times.

Apart from making stuff that  looks like it fell off a truck in downtown Hong Kong, Hori’s probably the most well-respected 3rd party controller manufacturer in terms of sheer quality– they’re arcade guys; they know what they’re doing.  So this may well wind up being the absolute best enthusiast pad for the 360 that’ll ever be made, provided you can overlook the lack of wireless.


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