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Wallet Abuse Wednesday 10-28-09

Posted by nfinit on October 28, 2009

Ah, now this week looks more like October.  Two high-budget system exclusives release sometime before Wednesday, as well as the intriguing, albeit problematic, DJ Hero, including my own early pick for GOTY in Forza 3.  Even the DS gets in on the quality gaming bandwagon.  This week is so good for gaming it’s enough to make you feel bad for someone trying to release something like, say–

Fairytale Fights

It’s Final Fight, it’s bloody, it’s full of adorable fairytale characters being cut limb to limb with dynamic real-time cleaving action, it’s made by crazy Norwegians, you skate on pools of blood and you can toss your friends inside spike-studded grist mills.  In fact I can’t think of anything bad to say about this game oh wait

Look, I want to love this game, really I do, but when you’re being asked to pay sixty bucks for a four-player beat-em-up you have to question what this experience brings to the table that something like Castle Crashers isn’t already doing, and I dunno– I just can’t see that.  Maybe if you’re just in love with the art style– and to be honest, that’s perfectly understandable– it’s a little easier to talk yourself into, but there’s a lot of other options out there that are cheaper and usually not even sold on disc.

Maybe that’s not entirely fair, maybe something like this can’t reasonably be produced and sold for something less than MSRP.  But value per dollar something games reviewers rarely take into account.  It’s definitely on the list of games I’ll look for during the next Gamestop “buy two get one used” sale, though.  I know that’s screwing PlayLogic over, but hey.  I don’t get paid to subsidize outdated business models.

**Forza Motorsport 3

Not to be the sort of guy that goes around saying IT’S NOT MEANT FOR YOU, but as a word of warning, if you’re not into super-dry console racing sims that double as car porn, well.  This is not meant for you.  If your idea of the perfect racing game is Burnout, then skip to the next section.  Go away.  You’re gonna hate FM3.  Go play some Project Gotham or something.

Meanwhile, if you’ve ever willingly laid down your hard earned gaming dollar for a Gran Turismo game and stayed awake into the wee hours of a Saturday morning mastering the corkscrew at Laguna Seca in a Viper GTS, then this game isn’t just Meant For You, it’s gonna be the best fucking game ever, or at least near enough so until we see more about Gran Turismo 5.  In fact, I dunno why you’re reading this either, the only question you’ve ever had about Forza 3 is which store has the best pre-order bonus (hint, it’s Amazon, but that’s too late now).

But if you’ve ever found yourself trying to talk yourself into buying a Gran Turismo game, then yeah.  You’re probably going to like this. I’ve spoken at lenght about this already , but basically Forza has evolved into the Rock Band to GT’s Guitar Hero– it’s more accessable, hasn’t accumulated as much design cruft (no liscenses!) and features a No-Fail mode in a penalty free, use-whenever-you-like rewind button.  If you were ever on the fence about delving into console racing sims, this is the game for you. Also, you get to do shit like this:

As you might’ve discerned, I’m passionate for FM3 as it takes my favorite genre and attempts to open it up to a wider audience.  I don’t know if that’ll be enough to save it from the same fat as shmups and arcade fighters, but it’s gotta be better than the direction we’ve been going in every single Gran Turismo release up until now.

**DJ Hero

If there’s anything we’ve learned about music genre over the past year it’s that if you’re unsure of buying a game you can wait six months and Best Buy will basically pay you to get rid of the stupid box.  So if you’re on the fence about dropping $120 on an unproven concept, maybe it’d be a good idea to wait.  That said, it’s probably a good game, Giant Bomb walked away enamored by the concept– Just be aware that if you pay full MSRP for this thing you’re re-inforcing all the bad behavior the games industry is guilty of right now, as well as giving this guy:

Even more of a reason to be a complete dick to all the properties he owns.  Sure, it’s not fair to be asked to take the ethical implcations of a multibillion dollar corporation into account when spending your mass-entertainment dollar– I mean, all these guys are evil to some degree or another– but if you buy this thing and World of Warcraft 2 is a console exclusive requiring a $120 motion sensitive wizard staff pheriphrial, I’m blaming you.

**Tekken 6

Hey, it’s Tekken!  I remember Tekken!  More importantly, I remember the last time I cared about Tekken:

That was ten years ago!  I wonder what a decade’s worth of development in game design as done for Tek–

Yup, that’s some Tekken alright.

To put this in perspective, we’ve been through three US presidents, a complete console generation (and halves of two other gens) and Street Fighter went from this:

to this:

All I’m asking for is some persepective.

(tekken is also one of those fighting game series where i”m much more interested in playing single-player games based on the characters instead of Tekken itself.  I mean, I would play five games based on playing as a time-travelling clockwork brigand/ninja.  Unfortunately Namco made Death By Degrees instead.  So thanks a lot for that, guys.)

**Atelier Annie Alchemists of Sera Island

Sometimes the DS gets a hardcore obscure Japanese RPG, and sometimes the DS gets a hardcore obscure Japanese RPG that’s  so hardcore and so obscure and so Japanese the publisher just throws up it’s hands and refuses to record English voices.  Atlier Annie is one of those.

Yup.  Atelier Annie.  It’s One of Those.

**Rachet and Clank: A Crack in time

Oh hey a PS3 exclusive sequel to one of their flagship PS2 series.  I guess I should say something about that.


Okay, thing is, I never played a Ratchet and Clank, nor a Jak and Daxter nor a Sly Cooper– thing was, there were so many mascot 3d platformers for the PS2 that I was overwhelmed and wound up never getting any of them.  On the other hand, everyone’s saying this is the best R&C made, so hey.  Maybe you should get that.

(Tangental:  Nintendo made it’s bones on the N64 by producing mascot-driven platformers.  Sony answers one console generation later with three mascot platformer series.  The XB1 made it’s name off Halo.  The PS3 has at least two Halo-like FPS series and would have had a third had Haze not bombed.  So what can we expect for PS4?  Waggle sports games out the ass.)

**Grand Theft Auto:  Episodes from Liberty City

Hey, you got a 360?  You got Grand Theft Auto 4?  Did you get Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony yet?  Well why the hell not, asshole?  No net connection?  How are you viewing this?  Nevermind!  Just buy this disc!

*Nerf N-Strike Elite with Scope

I dunno if kids nowadays have any idea how great their toys are.  Back in my day we were the shit if we owned some Captain Power stuff, and that was just holding a toy spaceship at the TV while watching a VHS tape.  Now kids get to shoot Nerf Guns at their TVs while playing a Wii Game.  On the bright side, at least Generation X didn’t have to deal with Jenny McCarthy talking out parents out of getting vaccinated for measles, so I guess it works out.

*Mytran Wars

It’s hard to have confidence in a game who’s development house went out of business 18 months prior to that game’s release.  PSP Go owners who may have been interested in a turn-based mecha strat game are SoL, as this thing is disc only.

*Tinkerbell: The Lost Treasure

must make it through update without mentioning creepy fairy fetish must make it through update without mentioning creepy fairy fetish must make it through update without mentioning creepy fairy fetish oh god no!


*Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

As much hype as Scribblenauts has recieved, it’s odd to see that this followup to 5th Cell’s breakout DS title has almost completely gone unnoticed.  It should be noted that the Wii version is produced by Planet Moon, which is most of what used to be Shiny Entertainment as is most recently known for Battle of the Bands– which, if you know anything about Battle of the Bands, you’ll be happy to know the DS game is still being done by 5th Cell.

‘course, it remains to be seen if 5th Cell will ever be as good at gameplay as it is concept, but Kotaku loved the DS version.
Hasbro Family Game Night 2
The Backyardigans
World of Zoo
Spongebob: Truth or Square
Hidden Mysteries Titanic
Jurassic The Hunted
Mountain Sports
Chronicles of Mystery:  The Curse of the Ancient Temple
Petz Hamsterz Bunch
Monster 4×4: Stunt Racer
Dream salon
Sushi Academy
All STar Cheer Squad
CSI Deadly Intent
Ni Hao, Kai-Lan:  Super Game Day

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