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Bad Controllers Delayed

Posted by nfinit on October 16, 2009

No, I’ve not slipped into hiatus again; just that my bank is currently jerking me around and I’m going through a bit of a nervous breakdown that I’m determined to be done with by tonight. But as a result the NES edition of Bad Controllers won’t be out until sometime tomorrow.

To put some actual vidja gaems content into this post, I will report that I just attempted to play through Ninja Gaiden II again, having been discouraged by the double fire giant armadillo boss once Ryu is sent to Hell.

And y’know, I really badly want to love this game. The act of carving people up in NGII is, as far as I’m concerned, unparalleled in this particular genre, nothing really comes close to the ideal of combining a 3d fighter and Devil May Cry as this game.

But the game itself stubbornly refuses to be lovable. The camera is abhorrent, the wall jumping imprecise and arbitrary and the bosses– well, let’s just say that I got so far as the electric worm boss a the end of level 3, ejected the disc, turned off the console and spent the rest of the night trying to talk myself into picking Jacksonville over St Louis in my NFL suicide pool.

NGII is frustration defined, and while that may have been acceptable or even laudable one or two hardware generations ago, we’re at the point now where a game that refuses to meet the player halfway simply can’t be bothered with. Games are meant to be fun, or at the very least not willfully obstructionist.

The 3d brawler as defined by Devil May Cry is my favorite genre to have been introduced since the Playstation 2 era began. Which kinda sucks, as we only get maybe one or two of these a year. With the release of God of War III eminent– and annoying PS3 exclusive– I’d hoped NGII could sate my thirst for free-roaming bloodletting until the release of the sublime Bayonetta sometime next year.

Speaking of witch (god, I’m clever):

Beheadings, swords, guns, leggy leather chicks in glasses; Bayonetta is the last game you’ll ever need!


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