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I wonder if Tecmo ever had to put up with this

Posted by nfinit on September 29, 2009

I guess this explains Pacman Jones’ strangely inflated attributes from Madden ’07.

We need more of this.  I want Kimbo Slice on camera at THQ headquarters as UFC Undisputed 2010 stats are revealed, with a chase team at the ready to follow Kimbo as he goes searching for a gun.

But this entire concept can be expanded– If we can get people to watch six hours of NFL draft coverage surely there’s a market for a half hour sudio breakdown of that season’s Madden stats.  Plus you could get player reactions– Surely Terrel Owens had something interesting to say about being ranked below Randy Moss in Madden X, and as a Carolina fan nothing would bring me greater joy than live footage of Jake Delhomme’s mental breakdown upon being rewarded Madden’s first ever negative accuracy rating.


One Response to “I wonder if Tecmo ever had to put up with this”

  1. hugh betcha said

    LESNER: “Why does it say my strength is only 135?”
    HORRIFIED DESIGNER: “O-only? It’s a scale from 1 to 100! We had to make it widescreen just to accomodate you! N-no, put the microwave down! GAAH!” *is murdered*

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