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Ninja Blade: Probably sucks; I’m buying it anyway

Posted by nfinit on April 6, 2009

There was a moment during the Ninja Blade demo when the prospect of waiting for a used copy to hit the Gamestop bin for thirty dollars crystallized into the knowledge I’d be spending spending sixty American dollars for a new copy this coming Wednesday. This moment came as I was running down the side of a glass office tower, chased by one of the worm bosses from God of War while slicing through demon bat things on my way to a ten minute long duel with a five story tall meteor-spewing wolf spider, shortly before riding atop a comically-oversized wrecking ball as it plowed into the spasming remains of samesaid spider.

I don’t care that the game plays like the bastard child of Space Ace and Devil May Cry and features more quicktime event footage than actual swordfighting– all I know is I’d be hard pressed to recall as many Holy Shit moments from an entire game as I received from playing a single demo of Ninja Blade. That said– I know full well that the game is probably Not Very Good, and it may, in fact, be outright terrible. It’s not uncommon for a developer to showcase the best slice of thier game for a demo– But unless E3 provides a bevy of as yet unhinted-at anouncements, Ninja Blade may be one of the very few memorable moments left for the 360 this year.

That said, it’s From Software and they know ninjas like Tecmo knows boobs. These are the same guys that gave us Otogi and Tenchu, and Metal Wolf Chaos has shown us that From are the absolute masters of cheesy over-the-top gaming fun. Ninja Blade would have to be a wholly different game from what was shown in the demo for me to be even remotely regret paying full price for the final product.


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