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All together now: LOL SONY

Posted by nfinit on July 13, 2007

At this point you have to figure the gaming journalism industry owes Sony some money.

After the most boring E3 in the history of E3, where the biggest news to come out of the biggest industry convention of the year was G4’s almost absurdly bad Microsoft conference coverage, here comes Sony with a double dose of the crazy, just like your meth-addled paint-huffing brother stumbling out of the garage in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

At the start of E3, we had a hundred dollar price cut on the Playstation 3 in America. Well, not really a price cut, more like going through the motions of a price cut, but you get the idea. By the end of it not only did it turn out the price cut was a sham, it was a sham and a lie. There is no price cut, there never was a price cut. They’re dropping the price on the old, Emotion Engine enabled models and once those run out– which will be about a month– the price goes back up as the new, more profitable 80gb PS3 goes online.

For Sony, the honeymoon is over. No one’s going to trust Sony anymore, not the developers who had already expressed disinterest at the prospects of Sony’s trifling $100 price cut, not the hardcore community who feel used and made fools of, certainly not retailers who have been fed a line from Sony since the PS3 was released and promptly stalled. Any momentum, any good will, any trust Sony had built in the three days of mildly good news coming out of E3 has been sundered, never to be put in place again.

If Microsoft had a pair of balls in it’s entire corporate structure now would be the time to drop their own prices and put Sony away for good.


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