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The PSP Vapid Blonde Chick Edition!

Posted by nfinit on July 12, 2007

You guys remember the PSP, right? Annoyingly long, black, big screen, lousy battery, good for emulating PS1 games, got stomped by the Nintendo DS because no one ever made games for it?

Well, Sony’s got all that shit figured out. Behold the PSP…P?

They couldn't even get the DS Lite White color white.  It's birth control pill case white!

See, they’re going to counter the DS Lite because it’s… it’s…


And that would appear to be it. It’s white, and the D-Pad is supposedly improved, and it’s now thinner (which is akin to Lindsey Lohan combating her image problem by losing more weight), but you can’t pocket the stupid thing, nothing’s been done to speed up game load times, and instead of including a rumored 4-8 gigs of internal flash ram in the thing to make it a proper iPod contender, they’re including a 1 gig memory stick.

The only way for Sony to be any more out of touch is for them to jack the price back up to $250 and include a UMD of Norbert.


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