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Profiles in Market Cannibalism

Posted by nfinit on July 11, 2007

So Microsoft had their E3 press conference tonight, and while it wasn’t anything exciting (mainly a re-hash of PR material for games slated to come out later this year), I’m not going into NeoGAF-worthy histrionics and say it was on par with Sony’s disastrous showing last year. It’s only sin lay in being boring, a powerpoint presentation by stiff guys in stiff jokes telling stiff jokes to an audience that just wanted to see some game footage. It appeared that Microsoft was in fact afraid of replicating Sony’s 2006 effort and held back on what they could have announced.


There was this bit where they brought Cliffy B out to demo Gears of War… for the PC. Now, we 360 owners were sold on GoW as a console exclusive, the sort of killer app that you buy a system for. So seeing GoW on the Windows platform is disheartening enough for 360 owners– But Cliffy B then proceeded to demostrate that the PC version of GoW would not only look better than it could ever on your 360, not only would it run -smoother-, but that it would also contain MORE CONTENT.

So basically Microsoft spent a good chunk of their E3 exclusive press conference actively eroding confidence in the 360 platform.

But hey, buy Mass Effect in November!


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